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Berkshire Organics Offers 3 Ways to Shop

DeliveryCreate your account here to shop online. We deliver to homes and businesses year-round throughout Berkshire County. Customers can select from thousands of produce and grocery items and have them delivered to their door at the same price as shopping in our market. No commitment!

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MarketOur physical market is open to the public 9am-7pm 7 days a week at 813 Dalton Division Rd. Dalton, MA 01226. Customers can also pick up grocery orders placed online. Produce basket orders placed online receive 10% off the price listed when picked up at our market.

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ShippingWe also ship many of our offerings throughout the United States. Customers can do their own personal grocery shopping online and have it shipped to their door as well as ship beautiful gift baskets and boxes to their loved ones.

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Aleisha with MartinBerkshire Organics works with local and organic growers to bring you the freshest seasonal produce available from the Berkshires and surrounding area.

Our goal is to source produce as nearby as possible in order to reduce the distance from farm to table. During the winter months, we work with many small, organic farms along the East Coast. We also work with an organic supplier to offer items not grown in New England, such as Fair Trade bananas.

By working directly with growers, we are able to offer farm-fresh produce for the most competitive prices in the region. 

Customers who order a produce basket weekly or at regular frequencies help us solidify our relationship with local farmers. This helps us communicate with the farmer's in advance so they know how much of each crop is needed. In turn, the farmers appreciate the stability of working with Berkshire Organics and are able to offer us more competitive prices.

Our produce baskets are designed so that you eat what is in season.  In the Winter months, we do use produce from outside our local area but we always try and source as close to home as possible . We very much appreciate every customer who supports Berkshire Organics whether they receive a produce basket, create their own a la carte order online, shop in the market or have items shipped to them.

Second Chance Produce

Berkshire Organics strives to be a zero waste companyWhatever produce is not deemed perfect for regular store or basket sales is sold to the community for $1/pound. This second chance produce sale is offered to the community on Sundays and Mondays while supplies last.  Whatever does not sell, is donated to local food pantries in Dalton and Pittsfield. This amounts to hundreds of pounds of organic produce donated each week while most supermarkets throw this usable produce away. Whatever produce is compost material is donated to local farms for their animals.

Thank you for your continued support of local farms and Berkshire Organics, a small, independent, family-owned business.
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