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Berkshire Organics is a local, family-owned business created to bring area residents and local farms together. Our market offers the freshest, local & organic produce, local meat, farm fresh dairy, groceries, breads, baked goods, gluten-free foods, personal care, cleaning products & much more. We deliver fresh, local and organic produce and groceries to homes and businesses throughout Berkshire County.

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  • Everything is certified organic or locally, sustainably produced
  • We work with over 50 local farms and businesses
  • Order a produce basket or individual items (minimum order $35) for delivery or pickup
  • Customize your order
  • Competitive Prices
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Our Blog:

  • April 8, 2014Difficulty accessing your account, resetting your password, or using the "Send Us A Message" button - Please Read!
    We are working to revamp our website to accommodate the growth of our market and delivery service.  
    If you experience any difficulty accessing your account, resetting your password, or if you are not getting a response using the "Send Us A Message" button, please call our market right away!  We are working hard to resolve this issue and will be able to provide you with a quick solution over the phone.  
    We appreciate your continue support!
    We are open every day 9am-7pm!
  • October 7, 2013Movie Night! Berkshire Organics and Beacon Cinema Presents GMO OMGClick here to buy tickets online:

  • August 26, 2013

    Berkshire Organics is the 1st Right to Know GMO Market in North America to be Spotlighted!

    In 2008, Aleisha and Brian Gibbons started a small, local and organic produce delivery service out of their home in the Berkshires area of Massachusetts. Today they not only run a thriving, year-round market and delivery service, but they've also helped a friend, Pamela Denholm, start her own produce delivery service for Top Grocer Logo residents in the South Boston area. And they've started a local school delivery program that they're converting into a 501(c)3 non-profit.


    But that's not why we named Berkshire Organics to our list of Top 'Diligent Dozen" Right to Know Grocers. Berkshire Organics made our list because of Aleisha and Brian's commitment to educating themselves and consumers about GMOs, and to working to eliminate GMO products from their market, even when it means losing customers or profits.


    Organic Consumers Association's Patrick Kerrigan from Minnesota visited our store and spent several hours with us last Tuesday learning all about Berkshire Organics. Click here to read why they chose us out of hundreds of stores across the country:

  • May 27, 2013Celebrate With Us - 5 Year Anniversary Grillin & Chillin Party! Friday, May 31st 3pm-6pm at the Berkshire Organics Market. Don't Miss (Click this link):
    This celebration is a thank you to our loyal customers for helping us reach our 5 years in business milestone. We couldn't have done it without such an amazing community supporting us!

    Stop by the Berkshire Organics Market for lots of FREE Samples, FREE ICE CREAM, Live Music, Raffles & More!

    Don't Miss:
    Grill Tent - featuring local, pasture-raised hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, sausages from Leahey Farm, Lee, MA & Busy Corner Farm, Cummington, MA

    Maple Valley Free Ice Cream Scooping

    Katalyst Kombucha Samples

    Kosmic Kitchen Smoothie Demo - Katherine Miller will show us how she makes fabulous smoothies.

    Berkshire Organics Kitchen Samples - Jeanne & Cassidy will offer many samples from our kitchen.

    Appalachian Naturals Samples - Salad Dressings, Dips, Mustards, BBQ Sauce & More. Made in Goshen, MA.

    Our Daily Bread Samples - sampling their gluten-free breads and regular loaves & cookies.

    Monterey Chevre Samples - taste one of the finest cheeses made in the Berkshires.

    Treeline Vegan Cheese Samples

    Bola Granola Samples - taste the new gluten-free variety as well as the Bola Bar!

    Maplebrook Cheese Samples - Mozzarella, Cheddar & Feta made in Bennington, VT.

    Cricket Creek Cheese Samples - Try the creamy Berkshire Bloom along with Maggie's & Tobasi made in Williamstown, MA.

    Raffles - Cash prize and gift certificates!

    Meet Terry the Tomato - Terry makes her debut as the Berkshire Organics' mascot.

    Live Music by Moonshine Holler - Moonshine Holler can only be described as "a two person music festival that captures the essence of American southern roots music." Featuring Appalachian ballads, blues and breakdowns on more musical instruments than they can juggle - fiddle, banjo, guitar, Hawaiian guitar, harmonica and ukulele - the duet has performed across the country and abroad.
  • April 18, 2013Day 6 Kosmic Cleanse from Aleisha (Click to read more):
    On day 5, I had some cravings set in. I was missing cheese and eggs. However, I am determined to finish this cleanse with no cheating at all so I let those cravings subside.  As I mentioned on day 4, this cleanse has really opened my eyes to how well the body responds to plant foods. The green smoothies are really one of the best ways to get several servings of fruits & vegetables at once. Katherine made a good point on one of the support calls when she reminded us that we should be getting 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and when you start your day off with a bagel you’re basically setting yourself up not to reach those goals. Each morning I have made a smoothie filled with berries, some citrus, hemp seeds and GREENS. Katherine really emphasizes the importance of greens for optimum health. They help detoxify the body and aid digestion as well as provide numerous nutritional benefits. I have used mostly spinach, salad mix, and kale but I have also used parsley and cilantro. Herbs help rid your body of toxins especially metals. With day 6 almost behind me, I am ready to take on the last day of this cleanse feeling better than I ever have!
  • April 18, 2013Day 6 Kosmic Cleanse from Maya (Click to read more):
    With 1.5 days left on the cleanse, I must say that I'm feeling really good.  My energy is up, my skin is clear, my mind is sharp, and my body just feels better.  I've had a really busy week, but having food already prepared has kept me on track throughout.  I've been reaching for my homemade soups and stews quite a bit, and finding that a bowl of something hearty and hot really keeps me going throughout the day.  I'm also in love with the fast food veggie rollups that Katherine recommended early on in the cleanse.  With a Sami's spinach lavash, a spread of hummus, a sprinkling of kalamata olives, and a bunch of colorful vegetables, each rollup delivers on both texture and taste.  And in the few instances when my sweet tooth has kicked in, I've found that an altalfo mango really hits the spot.  What's amazing to me is that I've been without cravings this whole week.  (Well...I did really want a glass of red wine last night, but otherwise I've been fine.)  I was even confronted with some homemade cookies yesterday, and I had zero interest in them.  Incredible...
  • April 16, 2013Day 4 Kosmic Cleanse from Aleisha (Click to read more):
    Since I started the cleanse, I notice changes and feel better each day.  Eating this way makes me feel fantastic! When Katherine mentioned mental clarity as one of the changes you may experience, I was doubtful but yesterday I really did feel more focused and sharper than usual.  Since I have increased my consumption of plant based foods, I feel lighter and even stronger.  My body feels more nourished. One of the supplements I have really enjoyed taking is the Calm Magnesium. I take just a 1/2 teaspoon dissolved in water just before bed.  Calm Magnesium is also called the anti-stress drink. It helps keep you regular as well. When I started the cleanse, I was worried about sleeping through the night and being restless but this product has prevented this from happening. One of the things Katherine stressed on last night's support call, was the importance of getting enough sleep. The body needs that time to rest, repair & restore every day.  If you eat well and exercise, you're not doing yourself any good by depriving yourself of rest.  This is something I am going to try and really focus on going forward. Five hours of sleep is not good enough.

    I have still not felt any hunger on this cleanse. Whenever I feel light my blood sugar may be dropping, I heat up some soup or make a hummus wrap. Before exercising today I made a almond butter and banana wrap on Sami's gluten-free lavasch. It gave me all the energy I needed. Since starting the cleanse, every night I have had a salad for dinner so tonight I am really looking forward to a tofu vegetable stir-fry :)
  • April 16, 2013Day 4 Kosmic Cleanse from Maya (Click to read more):
    I'm dragging a bit today.  I'm not sure if it's just a mid-point slump, or if it's because I'm not getting enough sleep.  But I plan to go to bed early tonight, and hopefully wake up refreshed.  On the plus side, I'm not craving any foods, or even considering eating anything that's not on the cleanse.  I had 2 small apples with hemp butter this morning, followed by brown rice pasta with oyster mushrooms, onion, garlic, spinach & basil in olive oil for lunch.  I'll get most of my greens in at dinner, with a big salad chock full of yummy veggies, nuts & seeds.  I won't lie--I would really like a piece of seared salmon on that salad, but it's not because I'm not getting enough protein.  (I'm eating plenty of beans and nuts.)  I think I'm just missing the texture and taste of seafood.  Of course, the cleanse is only a few more days, and then I can decide where I want to go from here.  I suspect that seafood, eggs, and cheese will make a re-appearance in my diet, but my meat consumption will go down quite a bit.  I think that as long as I keep as many fresh fruits and veggies in my diet as I can, I'll continue to feel good about what I'm eating...and that's good enough for me.